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Coping with COVID-19: Almost everyone has been affected through COVID be it mentally, physically, or financially. Unfortunately, the majority of people have faced downfalls in their physical fitness. COVID has heavily disrupted the normal functioning of our bodies. This lack of functioning then affects the immune system of the body. During this pandemic, there are some people that are continuing their physical exercise regularly at home through online trainers, Youtube, or Social Media and they are coping much better than the ones who are procrastinating and being inactive at home.


COVID-19 Devastations: With the spread of COVID, the virus has huge restrictions on us from wearing a mask in public, eating in restaurants, shopping, working out in gyms to getting personal services. These are all the things we took for granted. The closure of gyms is the most devastating. People who are not used to working out at home are unable to relieve the stress that was defused by using a piece of equipment such as dumbbells, exercise bikes, treadmills, and also group fitness classes. Working out at home becomes more difficult because of the pressures of doing your job there, taking care of children, and online schooling.


ExercisingThrough COVID:To exercise in a pandemic, first, you need to understand that exercising at home and in the gym are two different scenarios. You can never attain the same tempo of exercise as you used to when you went to the gym which makes exercising in the home a little bit difficult because of the distractions and no suitability of the home.The first thing you would want to do is to choose a routine that is for your level but will challenge you without injury and stick to it daily.Advantages of Exercises in Pandemic:Exercise is a game-changer in difficult times, your health is more robust while creating a stable immune system. It helps you fight the most common diseases during a pandemic. The most important factor for exercising during a pandemic is that it can help your body fight and prevent the virus. Studies show that people with a robust immune system will overcome the virus and will not be affected by it.


Exercise will do wonders for your body if you continue doing it during this pandemic. If you are just consuming carbs and proteins and not burning them, this will lead to severe acidity and other health problems.Exercise will prevent you from gaining weight or facing the dreaded “quarantine 15”. In a state of lockdown, you are tempted to sit at home and veg out. Restricting yourself to your home is giving birth to mental problems such as stress, anxiety, and agitation. Exercise helps fight stress and reduce anxiety. It also helps boost your blood flow to the brain.Exercise doesn’t have to be fancy. It could include pushups, planks, jumping jacks, and some stretching exercises. These basic exercises alone will do more than just walking from room to room. More importantly, exercise is especially helpful for older adults, people with chronic health such as diabetes and heart diseases.

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