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over 38 years!

I offer:

Personal Training


Cardio Dance

Senior Fitness

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I have been in fitness for a long time and I have trained various types of people.  One thing that has been proven over the years is that you can't exercise your way out of a good nutrition plan.  Dieting has never been my recommendation because I have always believed in eating fresh, natural foods. Gradually, I started eliminating things from my diet, like sodas, beverages with sugar and foods with too many carbs.  Once I started eating more vegetables and fruits, I noticed my body started looking the best it ever has!

As a fitness instructor/trainer you want your clients to get the best results even though there is not a cookie cutter diet that works for everyone.   ShakeURGreen  is a quick and easy way to get a daily intake of fruits and vegetables and the benefits are amazing! 

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