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Pandemics can be stressful. COVID has plagued most countries. Economies have crippled, and many lives have been destroyed. Since the pandemic has started, people have begun quarantining themselves for their and others’ safety. Crowded places are locked down due to the spread of COVID. Fear and anxiety are instilled in people’s minds.

People have started dealing with anger management issues and whatnot. This pandemic has extended to many months, and people have begun to develop stress and anxiety. Coping with this stress and anxiety can help you get better in this pandemic. This pandemic is causing stuff like: Fear of your health. Change in eating and sleeping patterns. Difficulty in sleeping. Chronic health problems. Disturbing mental health. What can you do to prevent stress and anxiety? Engaging in Virtual Meetups: This is one of the best ways to indulge in people during a pandemic. Use whatever medium you have, i.e. skype, zoom, WhatsApp, and Instagram to get in touch with your loved ones. Listen to them as they speak. This will divert your mind from stress, and you will feel fresh. Have ME Time: During COVID, many people are adapting to their new lifestyle. Make out a schedule where you can spend time with yourself. Place your phone and other things that distract in another room and find a quiet place to do yoga or just relax and meditate. Watch Movies: The majority of us in this pandemic brought a subscription for Netflix. Indulge in different Netflix specials and start a show. Go for the kind of show which has more than two seasons. From my recommendation, watch Friends as it helps cure stress and depression. It will also be beneficial for you during a pandemic. Some of the genre you should watch are a thriller, comedy/absurd, documentaries, and uplifters. Refrain from watching horror and love stories as they contain emotional scenes which may lead you to more stress and anxiety. Keep Your Routines: When at home, try to plan your days. Start with a routine so as the days pass, you feel accomplished. Remember it is not about surpressing our emotions, it is about surviving and releasing negative emotions. Do not subject yourself to seek approval about your feelings. Polish your skills and learn a new skill. Start freelancing. In this modern era, work-from-home is the new normal. Freelancing is a great option if you want to earn money at home. Exercise is an essential part of your day. Do it as much as you can. Build up muscle mass and strength. Go for squats, pushups, pullups, and dumbbell exercises. Exercise helps in fighting stress and anxiety and makes you feel relaxed. Engage in these things and you will see noticeable changes that will affect your quality of life.

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